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Hairy Bikers: Hairy Bikers´ Asian Adventure
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This TV tie-in cookbook to THE HAIRY BIKERS´ ASIAN ADVENTURE BBC series, which aired in 2014, follows the boys´ dream trip - a journey through Asia to discover the secrets of some of the world´s most inspiring cuisines. The boys travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Korea, sampling and preparing every kind of food they could lay their hands on - from great home cooking to sensational street snacks. Along the way they´ve learned loads about their favourite food, as well as honing their Asian cooking skills, and now they´ve brought home the very best recipes for us all to try. Si and Dave are truly passionate about these amazing recipes. These dishes are their favourites; they are speedy, easy to make and packed with flavour. What´s more, many are nice and healthy too, so won´t bust the diet! So, it´s time to rock your wok and join the boys on their culinary Asian adventure...

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