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A Girl in Bangkok: The Solo Girl's Travel Guide...
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The best Bangkok, Thailand, travel guide for females.Travel solo. It will change your life.There are two sides to Bangkok: one expensive, cheesy side for the tourists and one magical, affordable side for the locals and expats. Want to see the real Bangkok? Keep reading....Ditch the generic travel guides that are impersonal AF and feel like they were written for your nerdy cousin who wears socks with sandals.The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide is like having a local girlfriend on the ground in Bangkok.Written by a solo female traveler and Bangkok expat, get ready to experience Bangkok off the tourist path like a local....Visit the most awe-inspiring Buddhist temples. Explore hidden alleys with authentic Thai food. Wander exotic markets with local prices. Discover underground bars where the expats hang out. And do it all while avoiding the scams, creeps, and sketchy hang outs.With this Bangkok travel guide, you’ll know....What essentials to packThe most local places to eat, shop, and exploreMust-see sights and templesSecret bars where you can make friends with locals and expatsHow to take public transportation around the cityHow to get to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Cambodia, and moreSurvival Thai language phrasesAnd the nerve-racking stuff like how to get to your hotel when you land without paying three times the local price!From budget backpacker to luxurious holiday maker - I’ve got you covered.You’ve got a friend on the ground (literally, I’m here in BKK if you need me) and a comprehensive guide to show you the hidden side to Bangkok that most travelers never get to see.Life begins where your comfort zone ends. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Renee Dorian Begley. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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